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When you’re ready to consider buying, selling, renting, or refinancing a home, I will help you get it done and save you money.

Hello, I'm Justin Nelson

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Since 2010, I have assisted over 1500 customers in saving over $85 million on their real estate transactions. I provide customers with a personalized experience for selling, purchasing, and renting properties, as well as assistance in obtaining a home loan, with complete transparency and flawless service.

12+ Years of Experience

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1500+ Satisfied Clients

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24 Locations Covered

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100+ Five Star Ratings

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Services I Provide

Appreciated for consistently outperforming client expectations and providing exceptional results.

Sell Property

When it’s time to sell, my expertise in marketing and valuation ensures your property stands out in the market. I conduct detailed market analyses, create compelling listings, and leverage a network of potential buyers. Through strategic pricing and effective negotiation, I aim to maximize your property’s value and facilitate a timely sale. I manage all aspects of the transaction, from listing to closing, with meticulous attention to detail.

Buy Property

Finding your dream home involves more than just browsing listings. I work closely with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and budget constraints. I provide comprehensive market insights, arrange property viewings, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you secure the best possible deal. From initial search to closing, I streamline the buying process, ensuring a smooth and informed experience every step of the way

Rent Property

For landlords and tenants alike, I facilitate seamless rental transactions. I assist property owners in preparing their units for lease, screening potential tenants, and drafting lease agreements that protect your interests. For tenants, I offer a range of rental options tailored to your lifestyle and budget, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home.

Home Loan

Navigating the complexities of home financing can be daunting. I collaborate with trusted mortgage lenders to help you secure competitive loan options that align with your financial goals. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or refinancing an existing mortgage, I guide you through the application process, clarify terms, and provide ongoing support until you receive the keys to your new home.

How It Works

If you've owned property, or it's your first time, and you're ready to submit an offer or think about it in the next year or two, contact me now.

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I assist my customers in getting to the heart of their real estate demands, desires, and outcomes. I'm in this for the long term.

Video testimonials from our happy clients


Alison Bond

Happy Buyer

05:39 11 Jul 24
Kinga SiwekKinga Siwek
03:49 11 Jul 24
23:45 10 Jul 24
Sompong KrakanlopSompong Krakanlop
23:19 10 Jul 24
Benas MinkevičiusBenas Minkevičius
10:33 05 Jul 24
Absolutely love it. The iconic hotel looks amazing from every angle that you could see from the city centre. View from the top is breathtaking. Absolutely worth every single penny that we spend. Deffinitely recommend for everyone who is coming to Singapore
Christoph G.Christoph G.
05:29 05 Jul 24
Very nice hotel with a lot of options. Best place to be is the rooftop infinity pool.Everything is clean and the personnel is very friendly and helpful.Rooms are nice and have a very good standard. Comfy bed.
Hans PaulsenHans Paulsen
03:48 23 Jun 24
It's definitely an iconic hotel. The rooms have great views and are quite spacious. Breakfast can get crowded, so if you can avoid the peak times however you have a great variety. The hotel is linked to the mall, so you have plenty of great options when it comes to dining.
Roger FeltmanRoger Feltman
07:21 10 Jun 24
One of the best hotels I have stayed in. The service was great, the breakfast was delicious, and the room was beautiful. A highlight was the view from our room, which looked out on the Gardens By the Bay so we were able to watch the nightly light show from our balcony. The hotel is also in a great location, very close to lots of shops and restaurants. Oh, and I guess there is a nice infinity pool on the roof, but you probably already know about that. 🙂
L LimL Lim
14:35 06 Jun 24
I was very impressed by the room when I first stepped in and the quality of the toiletries was top notch. Mini bar was stocked and fully free. Sorry no alcohol though. 75” TV in a twin sharing room? Unheard of but it’s staring me in the face. Beds were firm and comfy, pillows were at the right firmness, ensuring. Perfect night sleep. We stayed on the 28th floor and the view of the sea was amazing. The infinity pool is a must try even though you don’t swim. Overall a 5 star stay. Worth every penny I paid!